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Reproducible Results. Generated in The Netherlands.

EU (Extreme Uniform) products are designed and produced to provide the highest (q)PCR performance reproducibility for the end-user. Extreme Uniform (EU) plastics are manufactured in our plant in Landgraaf…

Wall Uniformity is Important

Extreme uniform wall thickness leads to very even heating of the PCR sample and more homogeneous reaction conditions, thus more reproducible results. Extreme uniform wall thickness also leads to lower evaporation rates and therefore more consistent (q)PCR results.

Tube Angle, Optimized for Best Fit

Different thermocycler brands and models have slightly different block well angles. During the design process we use our (q)PCR cycler knowledge to create a tube angle optimized to fit all main brands and models of (q)PCR thermocyclers, thus allowing maximum heat transfer for superior optimal and reproducible results.

Easy Opening and Closure; Cap Design

Clever design and sealing bands around the tube closure points provide a leak-free seal, reducing evaporation and leading to more reproducible results. These superior sealing properties allow for running (q)PCR reactions with volumes as low as 5 µl.

The Right Product, the Right Protocol

Our range of (q)PCR products are fully interchangeable with each other. A (q)PCR process optimized in one BIOplastics strip, tube or plate, can be simply transferred to any other.

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