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Clear Results. Visible (q)PCR Plastics from the Netherlands.

BIOplastics optical qPCR plastics are manufactured in our plant in Landgraaf, The Netherlands. Innovative design and skilled production practices leads to the highest visible performance in Real-Time PCR.

Optical Closure Options in qPCR

In order for fluorescent signals in the qPCR reaction mix to pass through to the optical detection unit of a real-time thermal cycler several options can be considered. Optically transparent plastic caps or an optical adhesive film...

White and Frosted vs. Transparent Products

White products are superior for qPCR signal enhancement. They show up to 90% improvement of signal/noise ratios in comparison with transparent versions, and up to 50% improvement over frosted products.

Optical Calibration of Real-Time Thermal Cyclers

Recently CYCLERtest introduced new hardware and software for the optical calibration of qPCR cyclers and HRM modules. This provides a traceable calibration method for the optics of real-time thermal cyclers.

The Right Product, the Right Protocol

Our range of (q)PCR products are fully interchangeable with each other. A (q)PCR process optimized in one BIOplastics plate, strip or tube, can be simply transferred to any other.

Select your preferred BIOplastics product using our (q)PCR Product Property Based Searching Tool...

Select exactly the right plastic to fit your thermal cycler by using our Cycler To Product Fit Convertor...

When switching from another plastics brand to our innovative BIOplastics products, we have made things very easy for you with our Competitor To Superior Product Convertor...

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