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BIOplastics designs and manufactures products from polymer plastics, (Injection Moulded) for use in the molecular diagnostics (MDx) and molecular biology laboratory field. The products are of superior high-quality, state-of-the-art and offer great added value.

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How good is your knowledge about (q)PCR and disposables….

Test your (q)PCR knowledge

Unique work/storage system with endless possibilities

Ticks all the boxes!

Get rid of cardboard boxes!
The DeBox Family of BIOplastics consists of state-of-the-art, stackable boxes and modular inserts to create any PCR-rack you like. This great work/storage solution ticks all the boxes and offers you:

  • 176 boxes
    different dimensions, heights and hinge sides
  • Endless storage possibilities
    small boxes fit into medium size boxes and medium size boxes fit into large size boxes
  • Eight different colors
  • A wide variety of DeBox inserts

Optical lens (q)PCR cycler calibration at
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