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Controllability of (q)PCR

Accurate and reproducible results in (q)PCR are obtained when being in control of all variable parameters of this process. So being in traceable control of these parameters such as reagents, oligonucleotides, template DNA, disposables and thermocycler, next to other operational parameters, is crucial in achieving trustworthy results.

BIOplastics BV and its sister company CYCLERtest BV, both belonging to the Dutch BIOzym Holding BV group, targeted these two, most often underestimated variables: The (q)PCR disposable and the (thermal) performance of the (Real-Time) thermocycler.

CYCLERtest BV offers multi-channel thermal calibration equipment and ISO 17025 accredited calibration services for any brand and model (q)PCR thermocycler. For more information about thermocyclers calibration tools and calibration services:,, or call+31(0)45 533 8733.

BIOplastics BV manufactures Extreme Uniform plastic disposables, enabling control of the plastic consumable aspect of the (q)PCR process. BIOplastics focuses on (q) PCR plates, strips and tubes. For customers who require lowest variability, the number of the to be used products can be reduced to a minimum of two. Next to that BIOplastics manufactures products used in the pre- and post-(q)PCR process; more specifically filtertips, pipette tips, sampling tubes, racks, (cryo) storage tubes and racks, kit content reactions vessels and micro centrifuge tubes.

Extreme Uniform Plastics

To control your (q)PCR in the best possible way and to obtain the most reproducible and accurate results, BIOplastics developed a state-of-the-art range of (q)PCR disposables called: Extreme Uniform (q)PCR plastics. These plastics are characterized by Extreme Uniformity in:
  • Wall thickness
  • Low evaporation rates
  • High thermal conductivity (if applicable)
  • Low binding
  • High liquid retention (if applicable)
  • High signal to noise ratios
  • Full interchangeability between used products (fit, binding and chemistry)
These characteristics lead to extreme uniform reaction conditions in (q)PCR, whereas the latest BIOplastics development enables to reduce the number of “different” products to a minimum of two, regardless the wide variety of brands and models in a laboratory.

BIOplastics manufactures not only Extreme Uniform (q)PCR disposables but has reduced, for those who require lowest variability, the number of to be used products to a minimum of two.