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Customized products and OEM requirements

Customized products, MDX kit manufacturers OEM requirements

Due to BIOplastics BV experience in developing and manufacturing of superior products and the recognition of an excellent quality to price ratio, tailor-made products have become an additional aspect of BIOplastics BV.

BIOplastics BV can be a partner in the field of designing and manufacturing of:
  • Custom Laser labeling, barcoding, 2D coding
  • Custom product Chip incorporation (RFID)
  • Custom raw material adjustment
  • Large scale OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) products
  • New products
  • Customized design
Other customized solutions are possible:
  • Different material characteristics
  • Different product properties
  • Different colors
  • Kit content solutions
Customized solutions and products are based on BIOplastics BV core competencies and innovative technologies. Products can be designed according to your specific requirements and manufactured based on either exclusivity and/or intended to sell under client’s brand name.

Customized Coded products using BPLPM Technology:
  • Any type of product related to BIOplastics’ current portfolio
Customized products and OEM requirements consultation:
Contact BIOplastics BV headquarters in The Netherlands or send an e-mail to

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