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General Information Pipette Tips

Pipette tips

The accuracy of pipetting procedures greatly depends on the quality of the tip used. There is no sense in buying an expensive accurate pipette and then use tips of inferior quality. Tips should be made of the highest quality virgin PP (Polypropylene), so they are flexible and soft to secure a good, leak-free fit around the shaft of the pipette.

All our tips are designed to have a very fine orifice for complete, reproducible pipetting.
Some tips, marked with the beveled orifice icon, have a special 45° beveled orifice to guide the rejection of the fluids even better.
Tips with special features can be found in the relevant chapters.

Pipette tips for (q)PCR, low adhesion, non-binding, high recovery

The accuracy of pipetting particularly depends on the quality of the tips used. (q)PCR methods are more frequently being used in diagnostic applications, therefore BIOplastics BV has developed a superior pipette tip for use in any (q)PCR or related high performance technique. BIOplastics BV has used existing knowledge of superior design and manufacturing capabilities to generate new highly accurate pipette tips.

Low adhesion and non-binding

BIOplastics BV uses a similar high performance blend of polypropylene to that used in EU (q)PCR tubes and plates. By using this flexible material, a perfect seal to the pipette is guaranteed. The inert material does not hold a surface charge and assures no binding of any charged molecules like DNA, RNA, proteins etc.. Furthermore, high recovery is achieved due to the mould polish and material characteristics. This means that "all" liquid is pipetted and very limited, if any, liquid films will remain in the tip enabling the highest possible sample recovery.

Tips in Multi Purpose Racks (MPR)

BIOplastics BV has designed new multi purpose racks in which the tips are packed. Each rack consist of a colored bottom part, a transparent hinged lid and multi-purpose support unit which holds the interchangeable tip insert. The empty box can be used for storage. The multi-purpose support unit can hold (q)PCR plates and strips. Additional tube grids are available which enable you to make your own 0.5 ml / 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tube storage / freezer rack. Whenever you buy racked tips, you end up with not only an excellent tip, but at the same time a good start for an even more organized lab! Yet another smart design from BIOplastics BV to serve customers the best way we can.

Anti static pipette tips. Why, how, and when they become favorable.

BIOplastics pipette tips are designed for use in molecular biological applications, and more specifically for pipetting DNA, RNA, proteins and solutions commonly used in and around the (q)PCR process. BIOplastics has optimized pipette and filter tips by means of design and raw material selection to meet highest requirements. By selecting medical grade materials with anti–static properties, BIOplastics has reduced the biological molecule binding to the lowest possible amount. BIOplastics pipette tips become favorable when pipetting buffer, salt solutions and biological molecules (proteins, DNA, RNA). Differences in hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties of solutions, raw material surface and biomolecules cause this “phenomenon”. If pipetting water contact us for "old type regular tips".

Anti static pipette tips. Why, how, and when they become favorable table

Regular "Old Type" TipsBIOplastics TipsBIOplastics Low Binding Tips
Volume recovery water 99.8% 97% 98%
Volume recovery salt/buffer (pH 7.5 - 9.5) 96% 98% 97%
Volume recovery organic solutions 96% 97% 97%
Binding to bio-molecules (24 hrs incubation)0.5 -1% < 0.2% < 0.15%