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Handling Storage Boxes and Inserts, Small Footprint

BIOplastics racks and boxes offer ultimate flexibility on the laboratory bench. Racks and boxes are available in a number of formats and sizes and can be used as a single unit or placed in an appropriate box with lid. All boxes and racks are stackable, autoclave-able and constructed of durable polypropylene.
Dimensions:S Rack:12.3 cm (L) x 8.4 cm (W) x4.5 cm (H)
S Box: 13.1 cm (L) x 9.2 cm (W) x6.2 cm (H)
F Rack:13.2 cm (L) x13.2 cm (W) x4.4 cm (H)
F Box: 14.3 cm (L) x14.3 cm (W) x5.9 cm (H)
Racks are alphanumerically marked and racks and boxes can also be used in cold conditions. (-80°C)