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0.2 ml Multo Rack
Rack only, holds (q)PCR plates, tubes and strips
Natural, 8 racks

This bench work rack named Multo Rack, is made of very robust poly-propylene and can hold qPCR tubes, strips and plates. It holds the microtiter plate format (8 x 12, A to H 1-12) and has 2 additional columns. The multo rack therefore holds, 14 x 8-tube strips, 112 single tubes or one plate. The extra 16 wells can be used as "master vial" position when pipetting plates. Low profile ABI plates can be positioned within the footprint of the Multo Rack. The Multo Rack can be used as a Work, Storage, Freezer or Cryo Storage Rack. Systems are available in 8 colors and are "in product" marked and coded.Dimensions: 128.4 mm (W) x 85.9 mm (L) x 10.3 mm (H)
Article B10420
Colour Natural
Quantity bag of 8
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Laser marked by BIOplastics BPLPM TechnologyAutoclavable
Product properties
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