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96 x 0.1 ml Plate, Firm Deck FS
LP,W,FD, FULL Sk, Firm Deck SR 96 well plate (0.1ml) Patent design
White, Box of 20 plates

These low profile Firm Deck SR plates are extra rigid, flat, skirted and comparable with any 2 component casted plates. The plates are covered by Design Patent(s) and can be used in a number of 0.1 ml and 0.2 ml blocks, PCR and Real-Time thermal cyclers. See compatibility search engine at Plates are robust, stackable, robotic friendly and no nesting occurs when stacking them. Closure can be accomplished with any EU cap strip or Opti-Seal™. For qPCR closure the use of B57801, B79701-1 or Optical Tear Off 8-Cap Strip Mat is recommended. ·In short · Extreme Firm Deck, rigid and flat · Full skirted, wrap resistant · Robotic handling systems compatible · Non removeable laser-mark labelled · Substitutes two component Hard-Frame plates · Can be closed with any BIOplastics cap format Formats · 0.1 ml low profile Full Skirted · White, frosted natural or clear · Made from optimized (q)PCR PP, identical to BIOplastics unique extruded recipes · With or without lasermarked barcode and/or QR coded · Any side barcoded up to 5 sides · Customized laser-marking on request Compatible Platforms and cyclers · Fits and can be handled by Robotics platforms · SBS Footprint, SLAS/ANSI compliant · Stackable, non nesting, flat, robust, wrap resistant · Fits 96 well (q)PCR cyclers like Bio-Rad, Analytik Jena, Biometra, Qiagen and others · Cycler compatibility list can be found on (q)PCR perfect · Substitutes 2 component plates · Highly reproducible results · Low CO2 Footprint, recyclable PP · Pyrogen, DNA, RNA, DNase and RNase free
Article B70679FD
Colour White
Quantity box of 20
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Low ProfileWhite ProductFully  SkirtedThin WallO-Type MaterialEvaporation Grade 1DNA, DNase, RNA, RNase & Pyrogen FreeAutoclavableqPCR Grade 2
Product properties
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